Super Spirulina Plus - Superfood
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Super Spirulina Plus - Superfood

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Body Ecology's Super Spirulina Plus is a superfood made from all-organic and all-fermented ingredients.


Many of our customers have been asking for a protein supplement that is a reliable and safe source of energy, but also gentler and cleansing to the body.

Body Ecology's Super Spirulina is a superfood made from all-organic and all-fermented ingredients. Spirulina, quinoa, millet, biodynamic brown rice, chickpeas, and flaxseeds have been fermented with live, naturally-occurring beneficial microflora.
All of the nutrients in this amazing food are predigested by the Lactobacillus microbes and are easily utilized by the body.
Use Super Spirulina daily to help naturally detoxify your body, maintain a healthy weight, and boost your energy.
The Powerful Protein Sources is Super Spirulina
50% Spirulina, chick peas, biodynamic rice, flax seed, millet, and quinoa. Read more about their benefits below.
Who can use Super Spirulina?
Super Spirulina is an incredibly energizing, nutrient dense powder that is perfect for people who are:
    Benefits of Super Spirulina
    Spirulina, the primary source of protein in Super Spirulina, is an ancient super food. It is 60-70% protein by weight, a complete protein source, and rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, & other nutrients. However, spirulina is difficult to digest and assimilate in its raw form, so this amazing powdered supplement is the optimal way to be sure you are getting all of the health benefits it contains!
    Extensive research has shown it to be a truly remarkable food source, with its phenomenally high protein content and rich reserves of many vital nutrients, including vitamin B12 (essential for vegetarians). Spirulina also contains a formidable array of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements together with rare, unsaturated fats including gamma- linolenic acid.
    Many of the densely concentrated nutrients in spirulina help protect our bodies from stress and toxins. Scientific studies on animals and humans have shown that spirulina supports immune function, T-cell proliferation and antibody production.
    These studies have also shown that spirulina has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps deactivate the toxins in food.
    Spirulina is known to contain phytonutrients with strong antioxidant properties which support cellular health by protecting the cell membranes and DNA from damage by reactive oxygen radicals. Many of the health benefits can be obtained from eating large amounts of certain fruits and vegetables. However, spirulina has all of these properties rolled into one.

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