Ginger & Lime Kombucha
Yin-Yang Kombucha

Ginger & Lime Kombucha

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- Yin-Yang Kombucha Armidale-


What is kombucha?


*Rich in Antioxidants*

*Balance the pH in your Body*

*Packed with Probiotics*

*Improve Mood & Increases Vitality*

*Supports Longevity*

*Live your Best Life*

*Be Happy*


Our mantra at Yin-Yang Kombucha is 'BALANCE'. 

Life is all about balance and the most important part of this is looking after our bodies to help us power through our respective journeys'. At Yin-Yang we are passionate about what we do and we want to share the love by helping to fuel positivity, creativity and enthusiasm.

Let Yin-Yang Kombucha be that little extra boost in your daily life so you can achieve great things.

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