Bush Dukkah Pack
Bush Dukkah Pack
Pandoras Palate

Bush Dukkah Pack

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Made in Broken Hill by Pandora's Palate

The Bush Pack is an adorable little addition to your picnic basket. Inside you will find our Dukkah which we hand make locally in small batches—carefully roasting, grinding and blending our fresh ingredients to ensure a crunch with a superb flavour.

You will also discover a mini bottle of our Balsamic glaze and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Two mini bowls will ensure easy dipping and will allow for easy accessibility; especially for the more adventurous type.

Our PP Bush Pack will help make yourfavourite picnic destination a taste sensation simply buy some fresh crusty bread, or some wood oven sourdough on the way and you will have a fantastic foodies snack.

Contents : 1 x 60ml bottle balsamic glaze |1 x 60ml bottle extra Virgin Olive Oil |30g Bush Dukkah

Bush Dukkah ngredients

  • wattle seed ,almonds ,walnuts, hazelnut, spices
  • Gluten & Vegan Friendly
  • made from Australian nuts and wattle seed & Imported spices

2x plastic Dipping bowls .

Gluten & Vegan Friendly

No preservatives

Handmade in small batches in regional Broken Hill

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