Zondii Company Summary 

Just imagine being able to scan fruit & vegetables and find out why you should pay more for organic produce. Zondii aims to give consumers the ability to detect pesticide residue, as well as identify levels of key nutrients in real time. Zondii scanners even differentiates between grass fed and grain fed beef. Consumers immediately understand the benefits of paying for healthy organic produce, decisions are made easy. 

The technology will also connect the consumer with the grower of the produce in a way that labels and marketing have not been able to do successfully to date. 

The world has taken us away from buying direct from the farmer, impacting the ability to differentiate which produce is best for us. Zondii plans to bridge that gap and reward consumers for choosing the products grown in organic or regenerative ways. In addition producers will suddenly have an avenue to receive fair compensation for the work that they put into growing healthy nutrient dense food. 

Zondii’s goal is to start by educating about healthy purchase decisions before ultimately have consumers seeking premium.

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Danielle Morton CEO