60% reduction in Pesticides after Eating Organic for 1 week

Organic Food Study

What do you think would happen if you started eating organic food? Multiple families were tested before and after eating organic produce for just 6 days and all families showed nearly complete reduction in the top 4 pesticides. Tara commented "now, what if we did that for a year?"

We can't see pesticides on the fruit and vegetables so when it comes to choosing what to buy we often wonder if organic is worth the extra cost? This study shows absolutely it is worth it - but what if we didn't have to make a decision. What if governments world wide banned all pesticides and we could guarantee our kids apples didn't come with a side of neurotoxins like organophosphates.

It is possible - families are seeing the effects of environment on their children and are seeking change.

Support www.OrganicforAll.org and help not only our kids, but the farmers and producers exposed to these chemicals on the frontline.





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